Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Mini bikes everywhere

Just a quick update as time is definitely not on-side this morning...

The team time trial was an exciting sideshow to what had happened in stage 3. Obviously Astana have taken the race on with a blistering TTT performance and the win was unexpected for me. I really thought that Garmin would do it today, but once again LA and co showed that experience beats firepower and Garmin's determined squad of testers. Garmin should (and could) have won, they just didn't have the necessary strength in depth for the finale. 

There was a lot of posturing from the teams beforehand, so it's even more interesting now, with Astana taking the initiative. Although I thought they would be in disarray after the spats on stage 3, it seemed that they took a very professional approach and hats off to them for that.

Still Garmin have two British riders in the top ten and that has to be a reason for them to be content with their Tour so far. The race will change again and with it traveling towards Girona, expect some attacking riding from the boys in blue as it's their home town. Off to Perpignan now and hopefully another exciting day...

I've been spotting a fair few mini bikes out here at the Tour and they are certainly popular with the fans and the teams. BTW (blatant plug coming up) The mini cyclists are available at our webstore:

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