Sunday, 12 July 2009

Le Modfather

“A lot of guys are going to be thinking. 'What's Wiggins been doing?” That's unfortunate but I'm not Schumacher, I'm not Bernhard Kohl. I've worked hard for this.” 

Bradley Wiggins is on fire. His finish in Arcalis was really, really good, perhaps the best bit of riding from a british rider in a long while, certainly in the mountains at a Grand Tour. The Stage to Andorra threw up only a slight shift in the overall and wasn't as tough as I'd hoped. The Astana train is taking on this Tour head-on and perhaps, in the process, taking itself on too. Contador was definitely 'off-message' as you could see by LA's face as he crossed the line, he was not happy.

My call was Sastre to win, but he seems to have lost his spark. The chances of seeing attacks coming now will be limited to the Alps and The Geant of Provence. That should be even more exciting as this race builds the tension.

I walked the last five kilometres of the course and it was pretty quiet, no big groups of Spanish or Basques, just some over exuberant Norwegians in fancy dress and my first sighting of the devil. 

Pretty run of the mill crowds for such a fabulous finish. Like Monaco, this tax haven hardly needs (or wants) the attention.

But for me the story is all about Wiggo, forget the Astana soap opera, I reckon that if Bradley can keep this up (which is a big, big ask) he may even see the top five in Paris, the best performance at the Tour for a british rider since Robert Millar in 1984, how cool would that be?

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