Friday, 26 June 2009

Condor shop

Condor is London's original lightweight cycle shop. They've been on Gray's Inn Road for sixty years and the shop has moved from one side of the street to the other. And now, after several months of closed doors, they have re-opened with a bigger shop floor and a much larger books and magazines section (you can probably guess where this is going).

Anyway, seeing as Condor is our biggest London dealer we have just installed some rather lovely light boxes into the entrance of the 'new' store. We intend to change the images in the boxes on a pretty regular basis (at least quarterly when the new mag is due) so it should be a good opportunity to see some of the images we use in the mag, nice and big. You can buy them as prints, if you really like them.

There's also going to be some prints on display in the changing room area adjacent to the enormous new clothing section. We would say it, but it's well worth a visit: 

Condor Cycles
51 Grays Inn Road, London. WC1X 8PP

More spy pictures below...

The lovely lightboxes

Grant Young, Condor's head honcho, has been hard at work on the new store

'Rouleur corner' nicely stocked with back issues and books

Thursday, 25 June 2009


Working on some pictures of mechanics and what they get up to at the races. It's for a forthcoming issue of the mag. So I've spent most of my time at the races this year hanging around hotels and team buses. Which is weird enough. If you ever thought you'd fancy a go at being a bike mechanic, just hang out with them for a few days before you sign up... they work so hard and it's not all about tinkering with lovely pro level bikes and components. It's more about logistics, driving and finding out where to plug in a jet wash. I'll be off to the Tour next week and hope to be doing a bit more then.